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Richard Levitt, Peter Schmidt, What are the odds of complete reversal after 
conviction in the Second Circuit?
Published New York Law Journal, June 27, 2013

Death at Any Price.pdf (PDF — 345 KB)
Richard Levitt, Death at any Price,
Atticus, May/June 2005.
Richard Levitt, Send Judges to Booker-Fanfan Re-Education Camp,The Mouthpiece, March/April 2005.

Anonymous Juries.pdf (PDF — 355 KB)

Richard Levitt, Anonymous Juries, The Mouthpiece, November/December 2004.

Richard Levitt, Perjury in the Second Circuit,
The Mouthpiece September/October 2004.

Richard Levitt, Let the Second Circuit Make You a
Better Trial Laywer, The Mouthpiece, May/June 2004.

Richard Levitt, 2012 Second Circuit Criminal Law Outline - a comprehensive outline of Second Circuit Criminal Law, (available at www.northlawpublishers.com).
Just the Rules - a compendium of federal rules and selected bail and sentencing statutes, (available through www.northlawpublishers.com).
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