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Fast Facts (Full BOP stats can be found here) Currently positive-testing inmates: 136 (up from 73) Currently positive-testing staff: 171 (down from 172) Recovered inmates currently in the BOP: 52,433 (down from 52,517) Recovered staff: 12,577 (up from 12,573)

Institutions with the largest number of currently positive-testing inmates:

Lompoc FCI: 38

Allenwood USP: 26

Victorville Medium II FCI: 8 (unchanged)

Institutions with the largest number of currently positive-testing staff:

Central Office HQ: 36 (down from 37)

Rochester FMC: 15 (unchanged)

Victorville Medium I FCI: 13 (unchanged)

System-wide testing results: Presently, BOP has 137,502 federal inmates in BOP-managed institutions and 13,411 in community-based facilities. Today's stats: Completed tests: 128,759 (up from 128,757) Positive tests: 55,407 (up from 55,405)

Total vaccine doses administered: 314,433 (up from 314,082)

Case Note: Dying, unrepentant pedophile too dangerous to release...

In U.S. v. Unrein, No. 8:14-CR-262-VMC-JSS, 2022 WL 1212809 (M.D. Fla. Apr. 25, 2022) (Covington, J) the court found defendant too dangerous to release, even though defendant is dying, explaining: “The United States concedes that Unrein has established an extraordinary and compelling reason for release: his terminal diagnosis with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma with an 18-month life expectancy. (Doc. # 210 at 3). The United States nevertheless argues the Motion should be denied because Unrein is a danger to the community. (Id.). The Court agrees. A court should only grant a motion for release if it determines that the defendant is not a danger to any other person or to the community. U.S.S.G. § 1B1.13(2). Likewise, Section 3553(a) requires the imposition of a sentence that, among other things, takes into account the history and characteristics of the defendant, protects the public, reflects the seriousness of the crime, and promotes respect for the law. 18 U.S.C. § 3553(a). Unrein is an ongoing threat and danger to the community, particularly children. Unrein drove from Pasco County to Citrus County to engage in sexual acts with what he thought was a 12-year-old child. (Doc. # 210 at 3; Doc. # 147 at 5-6). He also possessed multiple images of child pornography, including images of babies and toddlers. (Doc. # 147 at 6). The Motion also reveals that Unrein has not accepted responsibility for his crimes. (Doc. # 206 at 18). As the United States notes, Unrein has not “sought any psychological treatment or counseling (formally or otherwise) relating to sex offender rehabilitation programs or therapies.” (Doc. # 210 at 4). Finally, despite Unrein's serious medical condition, early release would not adequately reflect the seriousness of his crimes or promote respect for the law.”

Death Watch (Note: The BOP press website announces BOP COVID-related deaths here.) The BOP has identified one new inmate fatality, increasing the total to 294. Eleven of the inmates died while on home confinement. Staff deaths remain at 7

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