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Richard W. Levitt is an acclaimed criminal defense lawyer with a national reputation for excellence, whose practice has spanned more than four decades. Focusing on trial and appellate advocacy and post-conviction relief, he is also the author of numerous articles on

criminal law-related topics, and lectures frequently for several organizations. Richard's wide-ranging practice includes the defense of individuals charged with political corruption, RICO, money laundering, capital crimes, drug distribution, fraud, tax evasion and other offenses. He is a past board member of the New York Criminal Bar Association and a past honoree of that organization, as well as a Life Member of the NACDL.

Richard is also the creator of the nationally-renowned judge-rating site, The Robing Room ( He is the author of the 1500-page Second Circuit Criminal Law Sourcebook (North Law Publishers 2021). Richard received his J.D. from the University of Miami and his LL.M. from New York University.


Telephone: (917) 562-4000   

Nicholas Kaizer is a nationally -recognized expert in criminal defense, who has appeared in numerous courts around the country. He has lectured attorneys, been recognized as a top criminal defense attorney on television and has been a panelist at the

U.S. Sentencing Commission annual conference, lecturing attorneys, probation officers and judges. concerning bases for non-Guideline sentences.

He enjoys an A/V (exceptional) peer-review rating from Martindale rating service, a 10.0 rating from and is recognized as a "Superlawyer." Mr. Kaizer graduated from Boston University and the University of Miami. and is admitted in New York, Florida and the District of Columbia.


Telephone: (917) 324-4000 

Zachary Segal, associate, is a graduate of Touro Law Center, where he was a member of the Touro Law Review, publishing two articles discussing the Sixth Amendment's Right to Effective Assistance of Counsel for non-citizens and the disparate treatment

of cryptocurrencies. He also interned with the Federal Defenders of New York in the Eastern District, Brooklyn Defender Services, the Honorable Joseph F. Bianco (then-United States District Judge for the Eastern District of New York, now Circuit Judge, Second Circuit), and the Honorable Associate Justice Robert J. Miller (Appellate Division, Second Judicial Department). Born in Montreal, Zach attended the University of Ottawa where he double-majored in political science in history. After graduating, he worked at the Aleph Institute, a nationally recognized prisoner’s right organization, where he advocated for the religious rights of inmates. Zach is working on a treatise covering compassionate release applications under 18 U.S.C. § 3582. Zach speaks French and is conversational in Spanish and Hebrew.


Telephone: (917) 836-3011

Emily Golub, Esq., of counsel for Levitt & Kaizer, is a graduate of New York University School of Law, where she interned with the Federal Defenders of New York in the Southern District and served as a Student Attorney in NYU’s Federal Defender Clinic. She was also a Student Instructor for 

for NYU’s Prisoners’ Rights and Education Project. Ms. Golub has gained broad-based experience in both criminal defense and civil litigation, researching and writing numerous arguments at both the trial and appellate levels, in both the state and federal courts, and has gained substantial experience navigating the procedural intricacies of state civil practice. Ms. Golub received her undergraduate degree from Northwestern University. 


Telephone: (646) 725-5079





Whenever possible, the best time to hire a lawyer is during the investigative stage. Of course, this is not always possible, but when it is we can maximize our utility to the client by assuring the client does not make costly mistakes, such as prematurely speaking with law enforcement; securing, copying and reviewing essential records; interviewing witnesses; responding to subpoenas; interfacing with investigative agents; assisting the client to decide whether to resist the investigation, attempt to convince prosecutors of the client's innocence, or consider cooperating with authorities; etc.

Post-Charge Representation

We often enter cases after the client has been charged, and have represented well more than a thousand clients in New York State courts and in federal district courts around the country. Key to obtaining results in all such cases is -- not surprisingly -- experience, expertise and preparation. Whether your case eventually goes to trial, or ends in a guilty plea or some other disposition, there is no way around just doing the hard work required to assure the best result; knowledge is power. And if you some day face the prospect of sentencing you will be confident that we are aggressive and experienced sentencing advocates who recognize that effective sentencing advocacy requires very substantial preparation and originality, to show the court why you are worthy of leniency.

Appellate Representation

We have a very active appellate practice, having written and argued appeals throughout New York State and in several federal Circuit Courts of Appeal. Appellate advocacy is a vastly different skill than trial advocacy. Levitt & Kaizer partner Richard Levitt has been an appellate advocate for more than 40 years, lectures widely on appellate law and is the author of the 1500-page Second Circuit Criminal Law Sourcebook.

Post-Conviction Representation

Many clients come to us after all hope appears to be lost: the client was convicted and sentenced and his or her appeal was denied. What's next? Frankly, sometimes nothing. But in other instances one or another of post-conviction remedies may be available. In the New York State courts, such a remedy would likely be pursued through a "440 motion" or a "coram nobis application." Or a federal remedy might be available through habeas corpus or some other means. We have handled hundreds of such cases and can give a client a full and fair appraisal of whether one or another of these options may be available.

Compassionate Release Applications In Federal Court

Since the advent of the First Step Act, a new remedy has become available to persons convicted in federal court: an application for compassionate release, also known as a "section 3582 application." This may be available where a person can demonstrate "extraordinary and compelling circumstances" plus a balancing of other factors, which support release. We have successfully represented several clients making such applications, which can give hope in seemingly hopeless situations.

Wrongful Convictions

Were you wrongfully convicted and succeeded in overturning your conviction? You may have a remedy under both New York State and federal law. The New York Court of Claims Act provides compensation for exonerated individuals who were wrongly incarcerated, and federal law provides a variety of means by which to obtain compensation for the violation of your Constitutional rights. We have successfully represented numerous wrongly accused and convicted individuals and are available to consult with you about your case.

Forfeiture and Restitution

Many lawyers know little about the law of forfeiture and restitution; both are complicated areas with both criminal and civil conponents. We constantly practice in both areas, where sound advocacy can mean the differences between losing all financial security and salvaging assets for yourself and your family. Just because the prosecution has taken an aggressive position with regard to forfeiture and/or restitution does not mean they are entitled to what they are asking for.

Civil Litigation

We have represented enumerable clients in a wide-range of civil litigation, including civil racketeering, civil rights violations, personal injury, copyright infringement and fraud. We have represented corporations in the music/entertainment industry and elsewhere in a wide range of civil litigation. And when a client comes to us with a problem that we believe will benefit from bringing in additional counsel, we have available to us numerous colleagues with expertise in virtually all areas of civil law and can retain them on a client's behalf on an as-needed bases.







NEW YORK, NY 10038-5077
TEL. (212) 480-4000
FAX (212) 480-4444

RICHARD LEVITT: (917) 562-4000
NICHOLAS KAIZER: (917) 324-4000

ZACHARY SEGAL: (917) 836-3011

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