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Richard Levitt

Richard Levitt: Reviews

Excellent and Trustworthy Attorney and Firm

Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for Richard Levitt and Nicholas Kaizer. They fought hard and diligently for my father's difficult case. I was so impressed with their committment in providing the best legal services to their clients. They were extremely knowledgeable and always quick to respond/address any questions and concerns. Their wisdom, compassion, and honestly renewed our hope in our father's case. We could not have asked for a better legal team to represent my father and highly recommend them.

Legal advice

He was very quick to respond and very thorough on his answer. I appreciate an attorney that kindly responds with detailed knowledge of what I needed to know. Very pleased for first time on website.

Phenomenal Attorney

I was very fortunate to have Richard Levitt as my Attorney. In my early 20s, I was hit with securities fraud charges amounting to tens of millions of dollars. I literally thought my life was over. Luckily, Richard was there to represent me and get me through the process. He went beyond being just an Attorney, he treated me like he would a family member. His friendship and counsel was very reassuring and allowed me to not only get through the ordeal, but come out a stronger and better person. Richard is indeed one of the most honorable and noble people I have ever met. All I can say is that with Richard as your lawyer, you're in good hands and he will work tirelessly to get the best possible outcome for his clients. He will do so truthfully and with compassion. My family and I cannot thank Richard enough.

Amazing Attorney

Richard represented me in a sexual harassment and sexual abuse case. He is very intelligent and knowledgeable about the law and has a vast amount of experience which definitely attributed to my innocence. My case unfortunately lasted a year, and in the end, went to trial. During trial, Richard was very comforting and clear on what was happening every step of the way. I felt relaxed as I knew he was working and doing his utmost to prove my innocence. His knowledge of the law was truly displayed during trial and after about 5 days on trial, he was able to get me the verdict of not guilty. I can't thank Richard enough for all he and his team did to work on my case throughout the whole year. I am forever grateful and will definitely recommend him to anyone in need.

Exceptional Attorney

Richard represented me in a sexual harassment lawsuit against a former employer. In what was a very traumatic and emotional situation, Richard was compassionate, diligent, and fought for me every step of the way. From numerous depositions to a lengthy hearing, he was simply phenomenal and I could rest assure that I was always in the most capable hands. Richard's commitment to my case was unwavering and in the end he was able to provide me with the justice he knew I deserved. I simply can't express the gratitude I have for Richard and his amazing team, I could not have asked for better representation.

Full of promise

He advised coherently on the rather complex law relating to burden of proof and extradition. I still hoe he may represent me in some way.

Provided referrals that I needed because atty does not practice in my state.

Mr. Levitt was very helpful to me even though he does not practice in my state. I asked for referrals and he provided. I really needed these referrals to move me in the right direction. I explained my situation is dire and he was empathetic and very helpful. Thank you sir.


My family and I truly appreciate everything Richard Levitt and Nicholas Kaizer have done for me. I was charged with serious federal fraud charges and things would have been much different if I didn’t find their law firm. There are no words to thank both of them for their hard work, dedication and such caring and compassionate support when I needed it the most and there is no doubt in my mind that they are the best attorneys out there. I could not have gone through this process without them and if I did, the result would be far different. I value and respect their support, honesty, hard work, and all around excellent legal representation. They are both truly outstanding professional attorneys.

A winning combination of experience and intellect

I had the good fortune to work with Richard's firm as co-counsel in several tax matters, where they provided me with superb guidance and support on criminal tax issues. I also lectured with him on criminal tax matters. It was very clear to me that not only did he have excellent practical experience, but a deep conceptual undertanding of all of the very sophisticated issues confronting counsel engaged in white collar criminal defense. I recommend him most highly.

Outstanding criminal defense trial lawyer

Richard Levitt was recommended to me several years post-conviction when the government sought to enforce an order of restitution. I retained the firm and they obtained a phenomenal result with my only having to pay a modest monthly restitution. I’ve since retained them again and unreservedly endorse them as expert criminal defense attorneys who are smart, caring, affordable and can handle all the complexities and numerous collateral consequences of a federal criminal prosecution.

Highly Recommended Attorney

Mr. Levitt has a sharp legal mind and will look after your best interests. He provides wise legal advise and excellent legal representation. Mr. Levitt and his staff go beyond just professional legal services, they care about the well-being of their clients. Mr. Levitt and his staff were always very professional and respectful when working with me. I highly recommend Richard Levitt and his staff to handle your legal representation.

Excellent experience

RIchard was a consummate professional throughout our experience with him. He provided excellent advice and counsel throughout the trial as well as the appeal. I would highly recommend him.

Exceptional Attorney

We found Attorney Levitt and his team to be exceptionally talented and professional. I couldn't imagine a more competent and creative team. Working through a very complex and difficult set of legal circumstances, not only did he and his team achieve the results we needed, but they did so in such a compassionate and empathic manner.

Amazing Attorney

Attorney Levitt is not only a great legal mind, he is also one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. Attorney Levitt and his staff have continually gone above and beyond to be of service to my family during an extremely trying time. His commitment to his clients goes unmatched. I highly recommend Attorney Levitt and his staff!

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