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Nicholas Kaizer

Nicholas Kaizer: Reviews

A truly Great attorney

Mr. Nicholas Kaizer handled my case before and during the Corona Virus with compassion and professionalism. He is much more than a very skilled litigator He kept in constant contact with me, even thru the shutdown, which put me at ease. Nicholas made a difficult situation bearable. Now that my case was concluded successfully I can go on with my life. Thank you Mr. Nicholas Kaizer. I would highly recommend Mr. Kaizer to anyone needing a defense attorney.

Nicholas G Kaizer’s response:

“NYS tax authorities were investigating client and his businsses for unpaid NY income taxes. We got involved early on. Working with expert tax counsel, we negotiated the lowest possible retitution for taxes figure. Although client was charged with multiple felony tax crimes, in the end, all criminal charges were dismissed. Client didn't even have to appear in court after inital the arraignment. All proceedings were accomplished remotely during the pandemic. Important to our client, he will retain his pistol license, his businesses and his spotless record being a lawful citizen; all of which were important to him. A pleasure to make this happen.”

Best lawyer

Highly recommend attorney
Mr.kaizer & Mr.Richard levitt
Very professional and experience

Knew exactly what to do!

One of my family members got into some difficult trouble with the law, and I was referred to Nick by another attorney. We are so thankful that we met him! Nick put the legal team together, bringing in an expert in exactly the area of criminal law we needed, consulted with the team every step of the way, and helped to achieve exactly the result we were looking for (which was not an easy or likely outcome).

Nicholas G Kaizer’s response:

“Client was referred to us by her immigration attorney. She was arrested on federal charges related to unauthorized access to a military base. Since the client had a removal order pending, we could not take a chance on her coming into contact with the justice system since she would have been snatched up by ICE and deported (as a detainer was likely). We headed up the team comprised of a former military attorney, a former military physician and me. We convinced the U.S. Attorney to dismiss the charges without the client ever having to appear in court. She was spared prosecution, jail and removal from the United States. Another very gratifying result from a personal perspective.”​

A Life Saver! Dedication and Determination turned into Extraodinary Result!

7 Years ago I was charged with racketeering, with a Federal sentencing guideline 47 Points. At age 28 I was looking to spend 25 years in prison. While I was hopelessly waiting for trial, a friend who also had a victory in court helped by Mr Kaizer recommended me to go seek for help from him. With multi-million dollar restitution and hundreds co-defendants, it was a total mess. Mr Kaizer promised me he will do everything in his power to keep me out of jail. All these years Mr Kaizer worked the case from various angles, he used contacts and resources to help me in every possible way. Honestly, I have never met an attorney so dedicated and experienced. I have to say it was the best thing that happened! In this long process, many times I lost hope, I felt uncertain about future, but Mr Kaizer never give up on me. He treats me like a dear friend, motivates me to make the best out of life. When we went to sentencing, Mr Kaizer well presented his argument and explanation to the judge, he pinpointed about my background and my character, the judge totally agreed with his presentation, even prosecutor couldn't disagree. It was a tremendous result, judge granted 3 years probation. What more can I say? Mr Kaizer saved my life! It's like a reborn to a new world. I now operating my own company, staying together with my children and family, and moving towards a better life! All Thanks to Mr Kaizer!

Nicholas G Kaizer’s response:

“Client was charged in a 25-defendant Racketeering case in Las Vegas federal court. The charges stemmed from credit card fraud and identity theft. At the outset, client was looking at a lengthy term. Mostly everybody else was sentenced to 5-15 years in federal custody. We worked the case diligently for five years (with the client out on bail). While probation was always a possibility, it was a remote possibility due to $50 million loss figures and the jurisdiction being quite harsh on financial offenses. In the end, through hard work and good legal analysis, we earned the court's respect and a probationary sentence for our client.”

Eternally grateful

I was facing up to 15 years in prison, and was petrified that i would be without my family and in bars. At my age, and the condition I was in, I would likely have died in prison if i was sentenced to the charges levied against me. I was stressed, frightened and knew nothing about New York, the system or the process. I was recommended by my lawyers in Miami to NIcholas Kaizer and his partner Richard Leavitt. On the very first call, I felt that NIck understood the legal quagmire i had gotten myself into, was generous in his time with me on the phone, and most importantly his demeanor, compassion, and patience was exactly what I needed at this horrific time in my life. He settled me down, laid out a strategy and immediately began to assess my criminal case. I hired the firm that day. Its been a long awful process because of the situation I put myself in. My family suffered, and so did I. I cannot possibly describe adequately the utter fear and guilt I felt throughout the arrest and the awaiting of the result. Under Nick and Richard's guidance and behind the scenes negotiations, I ultimately plead guilty to a much much lesser charge and Nick secured a no jail time, no probation release and I just walked out of the courtroom this week a free man, never setting foot inside a New York jail. I enthusiastically recommend Nicholas Kaizer, a great man , attorney and person who quite literally saved my life, liberty and family


Nicholas G Kaizer’s response:

“Client was lead-defendant charged in NY County with securities fraud related to several multi-million dollar stock promotions. We worked the case for several years, constantly chipping away at the client's exposure. Client was discouraged at first and wanted to begin serving his ultimately-expected sentence while out on bail. We talked him out of surrendering and in the end his faith in us was rewarded with a non-custodial sentence; i.e., no jail, no probation. As he noted above, he is grateful he stuck it out and served "no jail time, no probation and I just walked out of the courtroom this week a free man, never setting foot inside a New York jail." We're proud of the client's patience, our persistence and this great result.”

A Great Legal Mind

Retaining Mr Nick Kaizer for representation proved to be a wise decision. He conducts himself in a manner of true professionalism and practices without judgement. Faced with serious charges, Nick facilitated in acquiring the best possible outcome for my criminal case. His experience and expertise was evident from the start. I was impressed with how effortlessly he accurately assessed the situation, and anticipated every possible obstacle. Nick's extensive knowledge of the law resulted in a deal that was more than fair, and far better than expected. He was empathetic and supportive on a personal level as well, and always went the distance for me. I have great respect for Nick, and would highly recommend his services.

Nicholas G Kaizer’s response:

“Our client was subpoenaed in NY County to produce bank records which reflected millions in tax avoidance and other offenses. We produced some records but then engaged in prolonged negotiations while the DA's office moved on to other priorities. In the end, we negotiated a corporate plea and an individual misdemeanor plea charging a violation of the banking law. No jail, no probation and our tax attorneys are working with client on a reasonable payment plan with NYS tax authorities.”

In Excellent Hands

In my early 20s, I was hit with securities fraud charges. I was tens of millions of dollars in debt. I felt like my life was over. Luckily, I had Nick to represent me. I trusted Nick with my life and did exactly as he said. Nick had the respect of Judges, prosecutors, the SEC and other Attorneys involved in my case. In addition, as more issues came up, Nick handled them. Any other lawyer would have asked for more money each time. That's not the case with Nick. As a client, you're like family and he looks after you. Even after 15 years have passed, Nick will pull a docket, give advice and help in any way possible. With Nick, a client is in safe hands. Trust him, listen to him and do as he says. It's what I did. I've been able to rebuild my life from the depths of despair thanks to Nick. My family and I cannot thank him enough.

Beyond professional

Mr kaizer treated me with respect and care more like a family member than just an ordinary client thruout the whole legal process. Very respectable lawyer and person. Thank u Nicholas Kaizer u are the best!

Nicholas G Kaizer’s response:

“Client was charged with harassment of a former girlfriend. He swore he didn't do it and we presented evidence that complainant's new boyfriend was orchestrating a plan against our client to keep him away from his son with the former girlfriend. Through hard work and analysis of phone and other records, we demonstrated that our client was not guilty of these charges and they were quickly dismissed in their entirety. Our pleasure to assist Adam.”

A wonderful Lawyer

Where do I begin......My husband was in need of a good attorney. We were referred to Levitt & Kaizer. The first time I met Nick I was sure he was the one for us. This is my husband's first offense on a very serious matter. Nick showed compassion, understanding, patience and kindness during this terrible ordeal. He didn't judge. He worked with me and my husband with the best attitude. He was very straight, but kind, and gave us the best advice. He worked with us step by step. He kept in contact with us always. If I would call, he immediately called back. He made this terrible time in our lives much easier than I ever would have imagined. He did everything I could think of defending my husband. Every time the prosecutors said something derogatory against my husband, he stood up and shut them down. He remembered everything we said and my husband got the best outcome, considering his offense. By far, I was so impressed with his work ethics. An outstanding job! I would recommend him to anyone. As strange as it sounds, he made it a good experience and he never abandons you. How special is that! He is on the top of my list of people and I will never forget him for being so kind.


Nicholas G Kaizer’s response:

“Our client was a union local president facing federal charges of accepting kickbacks for steering union business to a third-party health-care providers. We obtained favorable forensic psychological reports and demonstrated that our client didn't receive one penny of the kickbacks (instead going to a family member with dire needs). We negotiated (through our meticulous review of the discovery) that our client wasn't responsible for over $550K in losses as alleged in the indictment but instead, only $150K, thereby lessening his exposure substantially. We also successfully portrayed our client (former military, former police) as a good person who did something he shouldn't have done, but for good reasons. We brought up other substantial mitigation, including his having an opiod addiction from being injured while a police officer years earlier and his substantial commitment to community and family prior to his arrest. In the end, the court agreed with our analysis and sentenced our client to a very favorable non-guideline sentence .”

Great attorney! Very intelligent and skillful

I was referred to Mr Kaizer by a friend, when I had a tough case in west coast. While my previous attorney was waiting for sentencing to happen, Mr Kaizer took over my case and prepared me with many ways of strategies. He used his intelligence and years of experience dealt with prosecutors and agents, making my sentencing looks much better than before. He's also very friendly and thoughtful, always treats us like family. I'm very glad I have him by my side and I would highly recommend to anyone!

Excellent Attorney!

I recently retained the services of Nick Kaizer, and his firm, to serve as local counsel and represent my interests in the Southern District of New York in a white collar criminal matter. I was impressed by his preparedness and attention to detail in a very difficult financial case. Nick helped us obtain an impossibly good result. When dealing with the federal prosecutors, you come to expect to take your lumps, minimize the damage and move on, but Nick and his expert team persevered and obtained a beyond fantastic settlement in a very difficult case. I am very impressed with Nick's diligence, intellect and firmness. A top attorney whom I unreservedly recommend. I plan to use Nick for all of my future matters in NY, and would recommend him to all of my clients and friends.

A well-respected, skillful attorney... and a true gentleman

I retained Mr. Kaizer based on the suggestion of another attorney. "Nick" represented me in a matter involving the federal government. From the first meeting with Nick, I felt at ease. He’s patient, empathetic and honest. He took the time to understand a very complex set of circumstances spanning multiple parties. Importantly, Nick is very well-respected in the legal community (which was absolutely key to achieving such a favorable outcome). He sees the ‘big picture’. Throughout the process, he was proactive and responsive to any questions that I had. In the end, he achieved an outstanding result for me – significantly better than either of us had thought possible. On a more personal note, he's a true gentleman. I feel fortunate that Nick was on my side and would recommend him without hesitation.

A Very Challenging Project

On behalf of a client, I had one hour to find a criminal lawyer, never having even spoken to one before... I found Nicholas Kaizer. I decided to entrust him and Mr. Leavitt with a bizarre and very challenging case, and thus my sanity with it. My trust could not have been better placed. Both Mr. Kaizer and Mr. Leavitt understood the complexity from the beginning and worked most diligently through this labyrinth of a case and supported the bewildered accused – and thus also me – in a most compassionate and professional manner. I will sing both Mr. Kaizer’s and Mr. Leavitt’s praises forever and ever. Hallelujah!

You'll be in good hands

I had the good fortune to be represented by Mr Kaizer recently. He was very patient, clear and thorough in going over the situation and my options with me, and made sure I understood everything. He always responded quickly and was easy to get in touch with when I had concerns, which was invaluable to my peace of mind.

Our time in the courtroom was brief, but I felt well-prepared and confident thanks to him, and we attained the best possible outcome.


Nick is a skilled attorney and a gentleman. He quickly assesses and diagnosis complex legal problems and ably implements creative and positive solutions for his clients. He is a pleasure to work with.

Great Attorney, Great Person, Highly Recommended,

Mr. Kaizer and his staff took a complex issue relating to a restitution judgment arising from a criminal conviction and worked hard to ensure the best possible results. I could not have asked for better services. From the moment I first called until my case was over, I was at ease that I made the right choice. I will continue to call upon Mr. Kaizer’s expert advice in the future.

Nicholas G Kaizer’s response:

Client had a multi-million dollar restitution judgment from several years earlier and the government was looking for repayment. Client still makes a good income in financial services industry but didn't want to pay what the government was looking for. It was a long ordeal, but we got the government out of attack mode and carved out a monthly number that all parties could accept.”

Exceptional Attorney

Attorney Kaizer is an exceptionally talented, knowledgeable, and diligent professional. We hired Mr. Kaizer and his team to represent our son on a complex and very difficult legal challenge. Not only did he and his team provide us with superb legal representation, creative solutions, and a positive result; his understanding, friendship, and compassion helped us all through those trying times and to move forward with our lives. I highly recommend Mr. Kaizer.

Nicholas G Kaizer’s response:

''Complex case of a very bright young man who was experiencing a mental crisis. Police interpreted his statements as threats and broke into his apartment in Upper Manhattan finding a loaded AR-15 assault rifle, a 9MM handgun and many rounds of ammo. Our client was looking at a lengthy state jail term give the weapons and threatening statements he made at or around the time of arrest. First, we obtained his release on bail from Rikers and got to work in defending the case. We had him evaluated by the best forensic psychiatrist in NY who drafted a treatment plan and recommendation. His opinion carried a great deal of weight in the courts and the DA's office. Even though the Manhattan Mental Health court does not take cases involving guns or violence, we pushed and pushed. We were rejected at first, but we kept coming back and ultimately we took this to the highest reaches of the DA's office. Success! We were admitted to the MMHC treatment program and after 18-months of staying clean and sober, we avoided any jail sentence, instead receiving probation. Client is now happily married, working at a high-paying job in computer technology and living out of state instead of being incarcerated for up to ten years doing nothing. It's highly rewarding for us to see the progress this young man has made in his life with our assistance.”

A Superb Attorney

Mr. Kaizer has been my attorney for over twenty years. In three criminal cases that Mr. Kaizer represented me in he obtained outstanding and favorable results. I attribute these results to Mr. Kaizer's intelligence, courtroom acumen, and a little bit of "street smarts'. He always treated my family with kindness and consideration during our trying times. He is a true gentleman and professional.

Nicholas G Kaizer’s response:

Thank you for your kind words. We've represented Barry in federal and state courts over the span opf 20 years. I'm happy to say he's retired and no longer a potential client. He still refers people to us because of the tremendous work we've done for him in the past. Great results are the best source of new referrals.”

Skill, empathy and integrity

I was referred to Nicholas by a friend. As soon as I began working with him I knew he was the best lawyer to help me. He was attentive, listened well and he immediately offered strategies and suggestions that would improve my outcome. I have heard lawyers can forget about you, but that was never the case with him. He took the time to explain each step in the process. That knowledge helped me move forward with confidence. Nicholas has the skills any top lawyer should have, but it also helped that he was so well respected by the prosecutors. And I never felt like I was just a client. He had empathy for me, and I felt like this was personal for him. Last but not least he has integrity. Whenever he said he would do something, (send an email, call me, set a meeting, etc) he did it. He changed the game for me and my family. I can't recommend him enough.

I'm lucky to have had Nick Kaizer represent me..

Mr. Kaizer represented me during a traumatic personal injury case. Nick battled for me as if he was battling for his own son. I felt as if my uncle were handling the case.
There was enormous comfort knowing Nick and his team at Levitt & Kaizer were always there if I needed them. I'm thrilled with the results.
Thank you Nick.

Nicholas G Kaizer’s response:

“Thank you. It was a very difficult set of factual circumstances (civil claims intertwined with criminal charges) leading up to your injuries, but we ultimately obtained the greatest recovery possible. Our choice of forums (federal vs. state court) also led to a very speedy resolution of our claim. If the case were brought in state court, it would have taken 6 years to get trial ready instead of 6 months! All the best.”

Fair & Aggressive

As a former client, Mr Kaizer's years of experience proved most effective in handling my case. He knows when to push the envelop and be aggressive and when a fair negotiation settlement is needed. I highly recommend him as he is a great attorney and a great man.

One of the Best Attorney in NYC

Mr Kaizer is an excellent and honest Attorney witch is very hard to come by. From my experience he did a magnificent legal work for me. Mr Kaizer submitted all the right motions
and got me a great sentencing reduction.I Highly recommend if you have legal problems in NYC

Dedicated and Experienced!

Nicholas Kaizer is a rare breed of attorney that commands respect not just from his peers, but from members of the entire legal community. Unlike the other attorneys my mother and I had met with, his primary focus was to help us heal and move on. From the start he took immediate control of the case and was always knowledgeable and fully prepared. He was never too busy to answer any of our questions or explain what was happening. He really stood up for us and made us feel like our lives truly mattered at a time we had just lost all hope. Me and my mother truly owe him a large debt of gratitude for all he has done for us.

Mr. Kaizer is honestly the only attorney I would recommend without any reservations. He is capable and compassionate and would do his best not just to win your case but to help restore your life.

Unbelievably great result in record time!

I had a civil problem stemming from a criminal problem - my business had a major burglary (6 figures) in 2007, and when some goods were recovered a year later, we were asked to ID them by the federal authorities, which we did, but they refused to return them to us, citing an ongoing criminal investigation. For the past 8 years we've tried to get our goods returned, without success. We were told that the authorities were not even prosecuting the perpetrators for our burglary but, rather, going after them for other, international, criminal activity, and yet, they refused to return our property. Finally, I turned to Nicholas Kaizer for help. I thought that his experience in federal criminal defense would be my best hope for recovering my property, and I was right. After just a few months of communications, Nick arranged for an accounting and the return of my property held by the FBI for 8 years. I am positive that his reputation, and that of his firm, was the only intervention that made this recovery possible. It happened so quickly, after 8 years of being stonewalled, that there is no other alternative explanation. I am so very grateful for Nick's help, and for the efforts of Levitt & Kaizer. It's been an amazing experience with a great result.

Nicholas G Kaizer’s response:

“Our pleasure to assist you and your company. Part of our expertise is the connections we've made over a lifetime of doing this work. Although we were prepared to take this all the way, by filing a federal Rule 41 (e)(return of property) motion, it was so much easier and quicker picking up the phone and calling a friendly FBI agent who facilitated the swift return of all your purloined jewelry.”

Magnificent Attorney

I was a client of this attorney and was very impressed. The services were always completed in a timely fashion and very detailed.

An Honest Attorney!!

I met with Mr. Kaizer after our lives were devestated by the conviction of my husband, after extremely poor representation and advice of a previous attorney. I remember thinking to myself, why had we not known of him before trial, things would have been so different. I was so impressed with his honesty & candor. Nick was to handle the appeal & sentencing, Although the appeal became complicated, the sentencing was a great relief, although it was quite long, it is half of what the government was seeking. Mr. Kaizer is an honest, no B/S attorney, who is extremely knowledgeable, smart & professional. I highly recommend him & his firm.

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